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Non Basmati Rice

Soham Overseas is the best non-basmati rice manufacturers, exporters and suppliers in Gujarat. Parboiled rice is a kind of rice that is pre-cooked or been boiled partially. Parboiling involves soaking the rice, steaming it and then drying. Parboiling of rice makes it richer in a nutrient that normal white rice doesn’t have.

Parboiled rice is quite popular in Asian countries. These also have amazing health benefits. Some are as follows:


Parboiled rice is high in minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. We can get almost 3% of the daily intake of minerals from parboiled non-basmati rice. Parboiled non-basmati rice also gives us almost 6-7% zinc mineral that is necessary for the body. All these minerals help our body and regulated DNA. It also creates a balance of protein intake in our body. This is how the immune system of the body becomes stronger and the body is attacked with fewer disease.


Parboiled non-basmati rice has high fibre content and it also provides the body with almost 41 grams of carbohydrate per cup of rice. Carbohydrate is very important for our body and this time gives our body the third of the daily requirements. Adding to this, having parboiled rice will also keep your blood pressure normal and in control.

Therefore choose us and get our products. Add this to your daily meal and enjoy its amazing health benefits.


IR 64 Non Basmati Rice

For acquiring the best-in-class IR 64 non basmati rice, Soham Overseas is the name to be trusted blindly. Our offered IR 64 non basmati rice is well-embraced for its quick cooking, fine aroma, rich taste, nutritional values, authenticity, and reasonable pricing. We store it in a well-organized and well-maintained warehouse so that the quality