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Fresh Onion

Vegetable is extremely important for the health and you must have them to stay fit and disease-free. Eating vegetables provides a health benefit. People who eat more vegetables and including onion are healthy and have a reduced risk of chronic diseases. Our company Soham Overseas is the best fresh onion suppliers in Gujarat. The onions that we provide have amazing nutrients that are vital for the maintenance and health of your body.

This also contains various minerals and vitamins which promotes health in many ways. The medicinal properties of onions have been recognized since ancient times when they are used to treat ailments like heart diseases, headaches and mouth sores.

Improves Heart Health

The flavonoids in onion help in reducing bad cholesterol in the body and Thiosulfates are known to keep the consistency of the blood right as they make the blood thinner. Due to this, the risk of heart attack and stroke reduces.

Prevent Cancer

Onions have antioxidant properties which help protect us from the risk of having cancer. It has amazing nutrients that prevent the growth of free radicals of cancers or cancer cells. Therefore having onions in your daily diet can protect your body against high chances of having cancer.

Therefore choose the best products from our company. Order fresh onions and get them hygienically packaged delivered to your address. We take order in bulk and deliver them to our customers and clients always on time.


Fresh Red Onion

Soham Overseas is one of the best fresh red onion suppliers in Gujarat, India. Chopping onions can be a teary process because of the alliinase, sulphuric properties but this amazing vegetable is loaded with unparalleled amounts of nutrition. Powered with vitamin C, B6, manganese, potassium, Phytonutrients and a wallop of antioxidants including


Fresh White Onion

Being widely used for making curries, noodles, soups, manchurians, rice, and much more, white onions are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. For acquiring the A-rated onions, contact Soham Overseas, as we are a credible fresh white onion supplier in Gujarat. Under the enlightenment of Mr. Kuldeep Patel, we strive to optimize