The Never-ending Demand For Wooden Charpoy

Posted by Admin on April, 28, 2020

When it comes to designing the interiors of your restaurant, you can choose from a wide range of options. Instead of going with one theme, you can mix your design themes such as modern and traditional, rural and urban, etc. These also make a great idea for your living room in your house. You can get different kinds of furniture that compliment your theme. If you are choosing an urban theme, then you can choose a wooden charpoy for your décor. Similarly, you can choose a piece of modern furniture if you are looking at a modern theme.

What is the History Behind the Charpoy?
Charpoys were very common and popular furniture that could be seen in almost everyone’s house or courtyards. These charpoys are affordable, comfortable, portable, and easy to store. These can still be seen in villages or dhabas or some restaurants. Making them is not very difficult if you have the skills to do so. The four legs of the charpoy are attached to a frame which is then connected with weaved chords.

Why do They Make a Lovely Interior?
The charpoys add a style and sophisticated look to your interiors. If you are using it in your restaurant, then it will make a lovely seating place. People enjoy such traditional seating as they do not usually find it otherwise. They also give a touch of feeling that you are still attached to your roots.

The charpoys are very sturdy and last long. Hence, they are very economical and does not hurt your budget while purchasing it. It is also light in weight and hence, you do not need anyone’s help to move it around. They are also comfortable and hence, people will not want to sit anywhere else but the charpoy.

How can you Style the Charpoys?
Charpoys make great furniture for interiors or exteriors. You can choose to style your charpoys differently to make it even more attractive and pleasing for your guests and of course, yourself. You can choose a dual-toned pattern for your charpoy with cotton woven threads.

You can also go for vibrant colours. If you are looking for some hues around your place, then you should look for charpoys that have vibrant colours. But make sure that they not too bright as they need to match with your theme. Hence, go for a design and colour that matches your theme.
You can also mix vibrant coloured with subtle coloured threads for your charpoy so that it does not look too bright for the eyes. You can also cover the charpoy with a designer rug to give it a different look.

Where to Buy Charpoys?
There are many suppliers and manufacturers or wooden charpoys in Rajkot. You can choose the wooden charpoy supplier in Rajkot who can supply charpoys as per your dimensions and requirements. You can contact these suppliers online through their website and get your quotes. However, ensure that the supplier that you are choosing is offering good quality charpoys.

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